Four Primary Types Of karma

Karma has been a common principle in this world. It is used by most people to show how their value the life of others. The principle means that anything that a person has done to other people, either it is good or bad, will be returned to the doer in a similar mean. This article will help you know more about as well as the four primary types of it such as the following:

  • Sanchita Karma
  • Praarabdha Karma
  • Kriyamana Karma
  • Aagami Karma

Sanchita Karma

This type of karma shows that the actions that people are doing are being piled up. This means that the things that you are doing every day are being either added or reduced from the ones that you have collected from the previous days. In short, at the end of the day, the total sum of your karmas will be the result of your accumulated actions for that day.

Praarabdha Karma

This type of karma is a karmic template that is allotted to a person for him or her to experience certain things and it is for him or her to work on that aspect of his or her life. If you have already completed your present debts, then more debts will be there for you to work on which is a good way to dissolve some Sanchita Karma.

Kriyamana Karma

This type of karma is also known as the instant karma. These are the things that reflect on us immediately after we have done some unnecessary things. This type can be worked off immediately or else it will affect your future karma.

Aagami Karma

This type is the Karmic map which is a result of the things that you have done with your present actions. If your debts will not be worked off, then it will be compiled for your future.

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