Vevazz: Lipo Laser versus Traditional Liposuction


The most obvious difference between a Vevazz Laser and Lipo surgery is, of course, the way the procedure is being handled. The former is fast and safe while the latter is the opposite. Lipo Laser is less invasive because the procedure only requires minimal anesthetic to numb the patient while in liposuction the patient needs to be unconscious as not to make her anxious while the procedure is being taken. In Lipo Laser the patient can chat with the doctor while undergoing a procedure, she can read a novel or a book while in Liposuction the patient must be at rest or stay still so that there will be no other complications during and after the surgery.

Laser can be done in Smaller Scale

Laser can just evenly melt the small area with fats, it does not all at once melt the fat but you can do the procedure from time to time if you cannot afford to burn every stubborn fat right away. You can save money especially if all you want to do is kill the fats from other parts of your body. It is cheaper compared to all in surgery in liposuction.


Liposuction Is an All-In Procedure

You can’t do parts only in liposuction because since it is an invasive procedure the patient must relay to the doctor or the doctor must do a onetime procedure to get all the fats he can from the body to have good results. And the hard part though from the patient is a long week of recovery, because due to the surgery she cannot do anything yet or work because she needs to heal first before doing anything or she might acquire serious complications. Lasers can only take minutes or hour depending on the fats the patient wants to lose, after the laser procedure the patient can have at least maximum of two days rest then she can just go work again like nothing happened

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